Frozen Sweet Tea

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It has been a lot hotter than normal and we have had less rain than normal this Summer. The little town I live in has been covered in smoke from a nearby wildfire that started weeks ago. Here do not have air conditioners because it is only usually hot enough to need one a few days a year. The smoke is so bad you can still smell it even with your windows and doors closed. Having to keep them closed with temps in the upper 70’s calls for rather uncomfortable conditions.


This is a picture I took when it first started. This area is known for it’s winds. The winds picked up and fueled the fire spreading it over 40,000 acres within days. The firefighters are working nonstop trying to stop the fire from spreading. They are very afraid that it will jump the Tanana River. The last report I saw said that the fire was 1.5 miles away from residential property.

DSC_0005-1This is a picture I took just a few days after the first. You can’t hardly even see the houses the visibility has got so bad. The fire is still burning. Please keep all of the men and women fighting this fire in your thoughts and prayers!